Mice Don’t Like Cheese

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Source of the news: http://www.todayifoundout.com/index.php/2012/09/mice-dont-like-cheese/

Myth: Mice love cheese and it makes a great bait for mouse traps.

In fact, as any pest exterminator or pet shop owner knows, mice don’t really like cheese at all and they’ll even actively shy away from certain types of cheese (they have a very sensitive sense of smell and certain cheeses give off odors that are repulsive to many types of mice).

According to Dr. David Holmes of Manchester Metropolitan University who recently did a study on whether mice liked cheese or not, while if hungry enough, mice will pretty much eat anything (even nibble on you, cardboard, whatever), most type of mice strongly prefer grains, fruits, and sweet things; certain types of mice will also eat insects and other small animals.  Basically, they like to eat what they’ve been accustomed to eating since before humans started making cheese around 10,000 years ago.

So how did the myth that mice liked cheese get started?  Nobody knows.  It’s been around for a long time, even being mentioned by philosopher Lucius Annaeus Seneca about 2000 years ago:

“Mouse” is a syllable.  Now a mouse eats its cheese; therefore, a syllable eats cheese…  Without a doubt, I must beware, or some day I shall be catching syllables in a mousetrap or, if I grow careless, a book may devour my cheese!  Unless, perhaps, the following syllogism is shrewder still: Mouse is a syllable.  Now a syllable does not eat cheese.  Therefore a mouse does not eat cheese. -From Seneca’s Letters – Book II Letter XLVIII

The leading theory as to the origin of the mouse/cheese myth, which isn’t based on any actual evidence, is that it probably had to do with people thousands of years ago mostly stocking grains, highly salted meats, and cheese as their food stuffs they kept on hand. The grains and meats were commonly stored in such a way as to keep vermin away.  On the other hand, cheese that needs to “breathe” perhaps was not so securely stored.  Inevitably, a mouse that is hungry enough will eat the cheese, leaving little teeth marks, leading people to think that mice seek out cheese.  But again, this theory is pure speculation and it seems odd that people who would actively protect grains and meats from vermin would start thinking from this that the vermin preferred the thing they weren’t as actively protecting.  So, needless to say, I personally find the next theory more plausible, though who knows really.

Dr. Holmes suggests that the myth may have arisen from some ancient legend or other as mice frequently popped up in various ancient mythologies.  He didn’t specifically offer any suggestions on what myth this may have been from.  But after a little digging, I found one potential connection, albeit a bit tenuous. White mice were often kept under the altars in Apollo’s temples in Ancient Greece.  Apollo himself was often referred to as “Apollo Smintheus”, meaning “Apollo the Mouse”. One of Apollo’s children, Aristaeus, in Ancient Greek mythology is credited with teaching mankind to make cheese, which he learned from the Myrtle-nymphs.  So perhaps the connection between mice and cheese stemmed from some sub-legend in there or some artists depiction of Apollo and Aristaeus, which included mice and cheese in the painting.  Again, nobody really knows, but it’s always fun to speculate.

As to why this myth has seemed to only grow stronger with time, Dr. Holmes notes ,

Cartoonists like to draw little segments of cheese with holes in them and little mice’ faces poking out of them.  They will admit this and they say quite simply it’s a really good image and it’s the kind of image we will continue to use, even though we know mice don’t like cheese.

So it’s possible even early artists included this imagery in paintings simply because it makes a “really good image”.

Whatever the origin, given that mice aren’t overly fond of cheese, it doesn’t exactly make the most effective bait in a mouse trap (and has a side hazard of accidentally injuring your cat, if you have one, given that many house cats love cheese!)

So if cheese isn’t an effective bait for mouse traps, what is?  Turns out, mice go crazy for peanut butter (aside: peanuts are not actually nuts).  They also like chocolate (the sweeter the better).  So one would think from this that Reese’s peanut butter cups might be good bait.  At the same time, it seems a shame to let such delicious goodness be wasted on mice (though depending on trap type, it may be their last meal, so you might as well give them a good little taste before the “snap!”  Or, you know… use humane traps you heartless gravy-eye’d bestially burking bogan.)

On the other hand, one person I know who keeps a couple mice as pets says that their favorite treat is Multi-Grain Cheerios dipped in peanut butter.  They go crazy for them. (Incidentally, she confirmed that unless she has forgotten to feed her mice for a while, they won’t go for cheese, something she learned early on as she had initially thought that they loved cheese and tried to feed it to them.)

Stephen Turner, the managing director of the largest mousetrap distributor in Europe, Pest Control Shop, also noted that “inner city mice” who’ve become very accustomed to surviving on fast food scraps love McDonald’s hamburgers (bits of bun and all).

Procter Rodent Control, on the other hand, besides recommending peanut butter for mouse traps, also states that “Maltesers” work phenomenally well. (For those not familiar, as I wasn’t, Maltesers are similar to Whoppers, basically malted milk balls surrounded by a thin layer of chocolate.)

Saat Perut Kembung, Konsumsilah Nasi, Pisang, atau Yogurt.


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Source for the news comes: http://food.detik.com/read/2014/11/03/094141/2736947/900/saat-perut-kembung-konsumsilah-nasi-pisang-atau-yogurt?d992202284

Jakarta – Perut kembung tidak selalu karena banyaknya gas dalam perut. Namun, ketika tubuh mengatur gas yang ada dalam perut, saat itulah perut akan kembung. Karenanya perlu konsumsi makanan yang tepat.

Menurut Dr. Oz perut kembung bisa diatasi dengan makanan yang enak dan mudah dicerna ini:

1. Nasi

Makanan yang kaya akan karbohidrat memang menjadi menu utama. Nasi, kentang, gandum, jagung, dan lainnya merupakan sumber karbohidrat  yang baik. Namun jika  mengalami kembung, lebih baik konsumsi nasi saja. Nasi kaya akan karbohidrat ini mudah dicerna usus. Nasi juga tidak membuat penumpukan gas di perut yang biasa ditimbulkan oleh makanan berkabohidrat lainnya.

2. Pisang

Perut kembung tidak hanya disebabkan oleh gas dalam perut saja. Kandungan sodium yang berlebih juga bisa memicu kembung. Untuk menetralisir sodium yang berlebih itu, konsumsilah makanan yang mengandung potasium. Kadar sodium dan potasium haruslah seimbang. Makanlah buah pisang yang kaya akan potasium.

3. Yogurt

Yogurt memang bisa dijadikan obat kembung. Pilihlah yogurt yang tepat. Mengonsumsi yogurt diolah dengan baik bisa meningkatkan bakteri baik seperti Lactobacillus dan Bifidobacterium. Kedua jenis bakteri ini baik untuk sistem pencernaan Anda dan mengatasi perut kembung. Pilihlah yogurt yang rendah lemak dan rasanya tawar. Jika ingin rasa manis pada yogurt, tambahkan campuran buah segar akan lebih baik dibanding membeli yogurt yang berperisa.

4. Teh herbal

Menurut penelitian dari University’s Nerve-Gut Research Laboratory, manfaat zat peppermint berguna bagi usus dan menghindari peradangan usus. Cobalah konsumsi teh herbal yang mengandung peppermint. Peppermint membantu pencernaan normal kembali.

5. Mentimun

Sayuran yang tinggi akan kadar air dan rendah serat ini akan memperlancar buang air kecil sehingga perut Anda akan terasa lega. Makanlah mentimun saat perut mulai kembung.

6. Pepaya

Penelitian di tahun 2009 mengungkap jika pepaya mentah mengandung zat yang terdapat dalam susu yaitu papain. Dalam pepaya matang bisa berfungsi sebagai obat pencahar yang membuat pergerakan di dalam usus.

“The Candidate Experience Is Getting Worse.” – Kevin Green

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Source for the news comes from: http://www.hrmagazine.co.uk/hro/features/1147461/candidate-experience-getting-worse

The experience employers give potential employees is getting worse. All the figures show that while we spend a huge amount of time creating employer brands, streamlining recruitment processes and trying to use technology to improve the candidate experience, it’s actually going in the other direction. What’s going on?

As part of the Recruitment and Employment Confederation’s (REC) Good Recruitment Campaign, we brought experts and eight companies from different sectors together to explore how they could improve their recruitment processes.

Here are the facts:

  • Recent data from the Corporate Executive Board (CEB) shows that candidates who have a positive experience put in more effort in the job, to the tune of 15%.
  • Those who have a positive recruitment experience are also 38% more likely to stay with that employer than those who didn’t.
  • Candidates share their poor experiences with others. An amazing 83% tell friends and family while 64% take to social media.

Three examples that underline why it’s so important we get recruitment right. But mystery applicant research shows only 5% of candidates say they had an excellent experience and 26% a good one. A whopping 48% say they had a poor or very poor time when seeking a new role.

The two areas where businesses get it wrong are in keeping candidates informed during the process, mentioned by 58% of applicants, and how we made the candidate feel during the whole journey. Just over half said they didn’t feel that they were treated as an individual.

Often the challenge is attracting the attention of both active and passive candidates. Then making the process quick, effective and as straight forward as possible for the candidate, while not adding huge complexity or cost onto the potential employer. Some clear and consistent lessons have emerged from both the experts and practitioners:

1) Make sure your website and employer brand is attractive to passive candidates. You should explain what your process would be like if they decide to apply. The key is being explicit, so you’re actively managing their expectations from the beginning.

2) Early self-screening by candidates helps route out those who don’t fit your requirements. Good for them, but also for your business because you don’t receive applications that don’t meet your criteria. Make job requirements clear and easy to find so applicants can make up their own minds about whether they fit the role.

3) For volume recruiting, it’s important that your technology or applicant tracking system can provide early and clear feedback to every applicant, even if they have not got past the first stage of the process. Even some generic feedback, for example wrong experience or qualifications, is better for the candidate than hearing nothing.

4) Ensure line managers understand, and have bought into, the company’s candidate expectations. Stories of processes taking three months and involving more than four interviews are not uncommon. So be explicit with the candidate if this is likely to happen and keep your managers to agreed deadlines.

5) Communicate throughout the process. Firstly set out whose job it is to talk to the candidate: is it HR, line manager or recruitment consultant? The rule should be an email or a call after every significant touch point in the selection process, but who makes sure that this has happened?

6) Ask candidates what they think of your process. It sounds straightforward but only 11% of employers currently ask for candidate feedback. Make sure you don’t just ask the ones who get the job. Regularly review the findings with all those involved and take action. This instills a continuous improvement mentality. Don’t forget to communicate your plans to all the key players internally and externally.

Kevin Green is chief executive of the Recruitment and Employment Confederation

– See more at: http://www.hrmagazine.co.uk/hro/features/1147461/candidate-experience-getting-worse#sthash.1U1RNZD2.dpuf

ASEAN Tourism Forum (ATF) 2015

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Source for the news comes from: http://hotelier-indonesia.com/asean-tourism-forum-atf-2015/

Strong support for 34th ASEAN Tourism Forum to be hosted in Myanmar next year

16 September 2014 – Industry response for next year’s ASEAN Tourism Forum (ATF) has been positive, with over 350 TRAVEX (travel exchange) booths contracted and some 550 applications for the Hosted Buyers Programme. The TRAVEX sellers, made up of suppliers of ASEAN travel and tourism products and services, come from the 10 member nations of ASEAN – Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam – and together will take up 8,000 square metres of space.

ATF aims to promoting ASEAN as a single destination and hosting of the event is rotated among the member countries each year. Participation from host country Myanmar is at an all-time high. U Phyoe Wai Yar Zar, Chairman of Myanmar Tourism Marketing (MTM), said,

“The local hoteliers, tour operators and other players in the industry are very much looking forward to next year’s event, this being the first time that ATF is coming to Myanmar. It will be our opportunity to share our country’s rich history and culture with the rest of the world.”

MTM is a non-governmental, non-political and non-profit organization that functions as the marketing arm of Myanmar Tourism Federation, under the guidance of the Ministry of Hotels & Tourism of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar.

Accor, the world’s leading hotel operator and market leader in Europe and Asia Pacific, which is participating in ATF 2015 as a TRAVEX seller, is optimistic about Myanmar’s tourism future. Mr Philippe Battle, Accor’s Area General Manager for Myanmar, said, “Myanmar is a promising market and a new frontier for us in Asia. We have one hotel open in Myanmar – MGallery The Lake Garden Nay Pyi Taw, and a Novotel resort in Inle Lake scheduled to open by October 2014, followed by a Novotel hotel in Yangon. Next year’s ATF in Myanmar will help showcase the country’s potential and we are confident that we will see a rapid growth in bookings in the years to come.”

Backed by major companies

Local Myanmar conglomerates have also shown strong support for ATF 2015. To-date, the organizing committee has secured sponsorship from private banks, multi-industry conglomerates and Myanmar’s newest international and domestic airline.

. Official Bank Partner : C B Bank

. Official Tourism Partners : KBZ Group, Htoo Group, Max Hotels Group

. Supporting Airline : Golden Myanmar Airlines

The signing ceremony between representatives of the sponsors and organizer of ATF 2015 took place at Royal Ace Hotel in Nay Pyi Taw earlier today. Said U Thein Htwe, Vice Chairman of C B Bank, “It is an exciting time for Myanmar, and for our local tourism industry. We are delighted to be a part of it by supporting ATF as its exclusive official bank partner.”

U Khin Aung Htun, Joint Secretary of Myanmar Tourism Federation, the organizer of ATF 2015, said, “We are very pleased to have the backing of the local private sector companies for ATF and are confident that together with the support of the Myanmar government and all other industry players, ATF 2015 will be a highly successful event and a milestone for our country.”

In addition, Cable News Network (CNN) has confirmed their support for ATF 2015 as its Official Broadcast Media and will jointly promote the event with the organizer. CNN will also host a luncheon for the tourism ministers and heads of National Tourism Organizations (NTOs) of ASEAN and other Asian countries during ATF 2015.

International standard MICE venue

The official venue for ATF 2015 has been confirmed as Myanmar International Convention Centre (MICC) 1. The key components of the official ATF 2015 programme, such as TRAVEX and ASEAN Tourism Conference, will be held at the newly completed 60,000 square metre exhibition and convention centre. The venue has hosted numerous national level meetings and international business events, including the recently concluded 24th ASEAN Summit.

Themed ‘ASEAN – Tourism Towards Peace, Prosperity and Partnership’, ATF 2015 will be held from 22 to 29 January in Nay Pyi Taw, Myanmar. It is hosted by the Ministry of Hotels and Tourism of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar, organised by Myanmar Tourism Federation and managed by MP Singapore and Myanmar Ventures Group. Limited exhibition space is available and those keen to participate are advised to apply online (www.atf-2015.com) as soon as possible. Application for the Hosted Buyer and Media Programmes will close on 15 October.

– See more at: http://hotelier-indonesia.com/asean-tourism-forum-atf-2015/#sthash.YJJp8HuS.dpuf

TripAdvisor Akan Hapus Komentar Buruk Wisatawan, Asalkan…

(Foto: Telegraph)

(Foto: Telegraph)

Source for the news comes from: http://travel.okezone.com/read/2013/09/09/407/862837/tripadvisor-akan-hapus-komentar-buruk-wisatawan-asalkan

SITUS tinjauan wisata TripAdvisor memiliki kebijakan baru, yaitu menghapus tinjauan buruk dari konsumennya pada hotel-hotel tertentu. Asalkan, hotel tersebut dapat memperbaiki reputasinya.

Pemilik hotel seringkali mengeluhkan bahwa tinjauan buruk pada situs TripAdvisor bisa berdampak tidak baik pada bisnis mereka. Akhirnya, TripAdvisor setuju menghapuskan komentar-komentar buruk di situs mereka terhadap hotel-hotel tersebut, dengan harapan menjadi kesempatan kedua bagi manajemen hotel untuk memperbaiki diri.

“Setiap hotel yang terdaftar dalam TripAdvisor telah melakukan renovasi atau perubahan sehingga mereka berkesempatan menarik wisatawan lagi, asalkan semua komentar buruknya dihapus,” kata juru bicara TripAdvisor, seperti dikutip dari Telegraph.

Namun, sebuah perusahaan manajemen risiko hotel menyarankan komentar buruk tersebut hanya boleh dihapus bila memang pihak hotel telah terbukti memperbaiki diri.

“Hotel mungkin saja menghabiskan banyak uang untuk renovasi, namun tidak lantas menyelesaikan masalah yang dikeluhkan pengunjung,” kata Steve Tate dari CheckSafetyFirst,sebuah situs yang menangani keluhan tamu terhadap hotel.

Karena itu, menurutnya, TripAdvisor seharusnya menghapuskan komentar buruk tersebut bila sudah ada bukti konkret perubahan dari hotel terkait.

Donald Trump Sulap Kantor Pos Jadi Hotel Termewah di AS

Kantor Pos Tua di Washington D.C, Amerika Serikat (Foto: inthecapital)

Kantor Pos Tua di Washington D.C, Amerika Serikat (Foto: inthecapital)

Source for the news comes from: http://travel.okezone.com/read/2013/09/11/407/864578/donald-trump-sulap-kantor-pos-jadi-hotel-termewah-di-as

WASHINGTON – Miliuner Amerika Serikat, Donald Trump, dan putrinya, Ivanka Trump, berencana membangun sebuah hotel mewah. Hotel ini merupakan gubahan kantor pos tua di Washington D.C.

Kantor pos tua tersebut sejatinya merupakan bangunan milik National Register of Historic Places, dan Trump telah membeli lisensinya. Ia berjanji akan tetap mempertahankan bagian luar kantor pos yang dilindungi, dan hanya mengubah sedikit bangunan tua itu.

Hotel mewah ini rencananya akan memiliki fasilitas spa, restoran, ruang pertemuan, atrium yang besar, sebuah lobi, serta 270 kamar tamu yang setidaknya bertarif USD700 (sekira Rp7 juta) per malamnya. Bahkan kabarnya, jendela hotel ini akan dibuat antipeluru!

“Bangunan kantor pos ini begitu menakjubkan, dan sebuah aset yang baik. Kami akan membangun sesuatu darinya, bukan menghancurkannya,” kata Ivanka Trump, seperti dikutip dari WashingtonPost.

Hotel ini rencananya akan selesai dibangun pada 2015. Diyakini, hotel ini akan menjadi hotel termewah di Amerika Serikat.

Di Hotel Ini, Bos yang Melayani Karyawannya

Aston Primera Pasteur Bandung (Foto: jakartajive)

Aston Primera Pasteur Bandung (Foto: jakartajive)

Source for the news comes from: http://travel.okezone.com/read/2013/10/11/407/880150/di-hotel-ini-bos-yang-melayani-karyawannya

BANDUNG – Ada yang unik di Hotel Aston Primera Pasteur beberapa waktu lalu. Saat itu, para bos menjadi ‘pelayan’ dadakan bagi karyawannya. Kok bisa?

Hal ini sehubungan dengan adanya Employee Recognition Day di Aston Primera Pasteur. Hari tersebut didedikasikan untuk penghargaan terhadap karyawan sebagai tanda terimakasih pada kontribusi mereka.

Pada Employee Recognition Day kali ini, Manajemen Aston Primera Pasteur mengadakan kejutan menarik bagi para karyawannya sebagai salah satu bentuk penghargaan terhadap kontribusi karyawan. Pada Selasa, 8 Oktober 2013 Employee Dining Room Aston Primera Pasteur disulap dan didekorasi sedemikian rupa dengan menampilkan foto-foto karyawan beserta kegiatan dan penghargaan selama Hotel ini berdiri dalam bentuk photo collage di dinding. Lampu café ditempatkan disetiap meja, dan ada mini stagedengan penampilan live music.  

Yang lebih seru lagi yang melayani karyawan makan adalah para Department Heads. Selain menjadi pelayan, para bos-bos pun ikut membereskan piring-piring bekas makan karyawan yang biasanya dilakukan sendiri oleh para karyawan. Tak luput yang mencuci piring dan menyapu kantin karyawan ini pun para atasannya.

Manajemen mengharapkan dengan diadakannya Employee Recognition Day ini dapat mengekspresikan penghargaan terhadap karyawan dan meningkatkan kepuasan kerja karyawan. Selain Itu membuat mereka merasa seolah-olah berkontribusi terhadap sesuatu yang lebih besar daripada diri mereka sendiri, dan bahwa kerja dan kehadiran mereka dihargai oleh manajemen.

“Semoga dengan rutin diadakannya Employee Recognition Day ini dapat meningkatkan produktivitas dan menciptakan budaya perusahaan yang positif,” kata Iwan Rismawardani, General Manager Aston Primera Pasteur dalam keterangan persnya pada Okezone.

Aston Primera Pasteur terletak di daerah Jalan Pasteur yang tidak jauh dari gerbang tol Cipularang – Purbaleunyi. Hanya dibutuhkan kurang lebih 10 menit dari Bandara Husein Sastranegara, 15 menit dari Stasiun Kereta Api Bandung dan 10 menit dari pusat perbelanjaan dan kuliner terdekat.

Benteng Kapas Tempat Wisatawan Mandi Air Panas

Pamukkale, Turki (Foto: ezor99)

Pamukkale, Turki (Foto: ezor99)

Source for the news comes from: http://travel.okezone.com/read/2013/10/10/544/879905/benteng-kapas-tempat-wisatawan-mandi-air-panas

Pamukkale, Turki

Pamukkale, yang berarti “benteng kapas” dalam bahasa Turki, adalah sebuah situs alam di Provinsi Denizli di Turki barat daya. Kota ini berisi air panas dan travertine, mineral karbonat yang ditinggalkan oleh air yang mengalir. Pamukkale terletak di wilayah Turki Aegea dalam, di lembah Sungai Menderes, yang memiliki iklim sedang untuk sebagian tahun.

Kota Bizantium dari Hierapolis dibangun di atas “benteng” putih yang secara keseluruhan panjangnya sekira 2.700 meter (8.860 kaki), lebar 600 meter (1.970 kaki) dan tinggi 160 meter (525 kaki). Hal ini dapat dilihat dari bukit-bukit di sisi berlawanan dari lembah di kota Denizli, 20 kilometer jauhnya.

Pariwisata menjadi industri utama di Pamukkale. Orang-orang telah mandi di kolam ini selama ribuan tahun. Pada pertengahan abad ke-20, sebuah hotel dibangun di atas reruntuhan Heropolis, hingga menyebabkan kerusakan besar. Namun ketika Pamukkale dinyatakan sebagai Situs Warisan Dunia, hotel dihancurkan dan diganti dengan kolam renang buatan.

Ada Pesawat Emirates ‘Nyangkut’ di Stadion Real Madrid

Ruang tunggu VIP terbaru Emirates di Stadion Santiago Bernabéu Real Madrid, Spanyol (Foto: bangaloreaviation)

Ruang tunggu VIP terbaru Emirates di Stadion Santiago Bernabéu Real Madrid, Spanyol (Foto: bangaloreaviation)

Source for the news comes from: http://travel.okezone.com/read/2013/10/10/407/879814/ada-pesawat-emirates-nyangkut-di-stadion-real-madrid

MADRID – Maskapai asal Dubai, Emirates baru-baru ini meluncurkan ruang tunggu VIP di Stadion Santiago Bernabeu, Madrid, Spanyol. Uniknya, ruang tunggu ini dibuat seperti bagian dalam pesawat.

Bersamaan dengan pertandingan antara Real Madrid dan Atlético Madrid, Emirates secara resmi meluncurkan lounge VIP di Stadion Santiago Bernabéu pada tanggal 28 September 2013. Ruang tunggu ini merupakan salah satu hasil kerja sama Emirates dengan klub sepakbola asal Kota Madrid, Spanyol tersebut.

Dengan luas 375 meter persegi, ruang tunggu ini dapat membuat lebih dari 200 orang saat pertandingan. Ruang tunggu ini juga memiliki desain unik, yang dirancang sesuai kabin Boeing 777 – armada yang saat ini melayani rute antara Madrid dan Dubai. Fitur interior seperti jendela dan lampu penerang ruangan dirancang mirip seolah-olah sedang berjalan di dalam pesawat Emirates.

Lounge VIP Emirates akan dibuka untuk tamu undangan satu jam sebelum dan sesudah pertandingan, dan terletak di bawah ruangan VIP tempat tamu dapat menikmati pertandingan dengan pemandangan lapangan dan stadion.

“Ruangan unik ini sangat penting untuk memberikan pengalaman unik kepada tamu kami saat pertandingan, dan menjadi platform penting untuk menjalin hubungan baik dengan pelanggan kami,” kata Fernando Suárez De Góngora, Manager Emirates untuk Spanyol dan Portugal, seperti dikutip dari rilis yang diterima Okezone.

Ruang tunggu ini diharapkan dapat menjamu lebih dari 6.000 tamu tiap musim pertandingan dan menyediakan tempat duduk yang nyaman, layar plasma serta sajian makanan. Ruang tunggu ini juga dilengkapi dengan gambar-gambar yang mencerminkan pengalaman dalam pesawat Emirates, jaringan global, dan beberapa kegiatan dengan logo Fly Emirates.

Hii, Danau Ini Merubah Hewan Jadi Batu!

Danau Natron, Tanzania Utara (Foto: odditycentral)

Danau Natron, Tanzania Utara (Foto: odditycentral)

Source for the news comes from: http://travel.okezone.com/read/2013/10/09/409/879306/hii-danau-ini-merubah-hewan-jadi-batu

DI Tanzania Utara, ada sebuah danau yang aneh dan mengerikan. Kandungan kimia di danau ini membuat binatang yang berada di dekatnya berubah menjadi batu!

Danau ini bernama Danau Natron, yang di dalam airnya mengandung senyawa yang sama seperti ditemukan di abu vulkanik. Senyawa ini juga sering digunakan oleh orang Mesir untuk mengawetkan mumi mereka.

Tingkat keasaman danau ini hampir sama dengan amonia dan suhu airnya bisa mencapai 60 derajat Celcius, demikian seperti dikutip dari OddityCentral. Karena itulah, hewan yang berada dekat dengan danau ini bisa berakibat fatal. Daging mereka menjadi batu dan mereka pun akan mati kaku.

Pemandangan hewan-hewan yang mati kaku ini bisa Anda saksikan saat mengunjungi Danau Natron. Bahkan fotografer terkenal Nick Brandt terkesima dengan fenomena ini dan mengabadikannya.

Hanya hewan invertebrata, alga dan juga beberapa ikan jenis tertentu sajalah yang dapat bertahan dengan lingkungan sekitar danau ini. Sayangnya, danau ini adalah satu-satunya sumber air di Afrika Timur bagi burung Lesser Flamingo. Seringkali hewan-hewan ini masuk ke danau untuk bersembunyi dari predatornya namun ajal menjemput mereka.

Namun bukan berarti danau ini sama sekali dilarang dikunjungi. Di sekitar Danau Natron terdapat beberapa area perkemahan yang biasa dikunjungi wisatawan. Namun hati-hati jangan sampai Anda terlalu dekat dengan danau tersebut kalau tidak mau berubah jadi batu.